August Holiday Camp

Summary of activities from 9-17th August

  • During the second part of the Holiday Camp the children and youth continued with creative art work. In addition we offered English reading classes; not only to improve the language but to arouse the interest in reading itself.
  • On two afternoons Charles organized a “half marathon” around the green hills of Mothers’ Mercy Home for the children, followed by a stretching hour in the MMH field.
  • The younger ones were busy with hula hoop, playing with softballs and the “wheelbarrow race” is fashioned as well.
  • Hidden Gem Counseling Program took place from 13th – 17th August. It was well prepared and received with great interest by the current target group, the students of Mothers’ Mercy Home and those from CHC Medical sponsorships.
The first sessions with the Hidden Gem Team took place at MMH. From Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon, sessions were continued during a camp stay. The young adults were accompanied by James and Linda. Thank you both for the „extra mile“ you walk with our young adults.
- A very special day was Thursday, 1t6th August: the „Safari Walk near NBO NP“ took place. The excursion was well prepared by Rehema. She and the „bag of fleas“ were accompanied by Priscillah, CHC Volunteer Vanessa and our intrepid driver Robinson.
  • The children remaining that day at MMH also wanted to do something outside of MMH. Mother Leah, Esther, JKR Alumni David and I decided to take a walk from MMH to the intersection of N’denderu and back. The sweets were the incentive!! Everyone had a lot of fun – even the little ones did well. At this point thanks to JKR Alumni David. He has supported us with empathy and good ideas.
  • On two mornings singing lessons with music teacher Moses took place. It was also a great opportunity for the Form 1 students, Maureen and Florent. Since they are at boarding school, they can only take music lessons during the holidays. Mother Grace was missed by all of us. She is the heart of the MMH music class.
The keyboard was used, which was played not only by Moses, but also by Damaris and Florent.

The eventful time with the children and adolescents came to an end too fast.

On behalf of the CHiCa-Team I say „Asante Sana“ to everyobdy at Mothers‘ Mercy Home for the great support during our stay.
by Kerstin Wientzek


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