Berufs Praktika der MMH Secondary School Students

Auch in diesem Frühjahr ist es uns gelungen, Praktika Plätze im Großraum Nairobi zu erhalten.
In der vom 23.-27. April hatten 5 MMH Secondary School Students die Möglichkeit, in einem einwöchigen Praktikum erste Berufserfahrungen zu sammeln. Das Angebot an Praktika Plätzen ist eher gering, die Jugendlichen können nicht zwischen mehreren Optionen wählen. Sie wissen jedoch, wie wertvoll praktische Erfahrungen für ihren zukünftigen Lebensweg sind.
Für den aufmerksamen Leser: es ist ein Zufall, dass der diesjährige Abschlussjahrgang nur aus Jungs besteht-;))

A word from Social Worker James:
„Good morning,
I hope you enjoyed your stay in Kenya and that you are doing well in Germany,

23rd April: The students are well taken care of. Am happy to report they are currently taking their internships.
30th April: The students completed their internship on Friday and it was such a success for all of them.“

MMH Social Worker James Gitau & Kerstin Wientzek, ChiCa Team

I visited in Westland’s a company called Regent Automobile Valuers, they deal with vehicle tracking. I was taught how to store information of vehicles. It was interesting. We went for five days which was interesting and it also head some difficulties because I head to wake up early in the morning and prepare myself so that I can go to work. I discovered that in life you mast have time management for you to succeed in life time also being decent when going to work. Ever body in the company was ever busy and serious people I understood that I should be a serious person in life. I learned how to scan documents and how to file them in a manner and order way. I never changed my career as a professional photographer. I appreciate what you have done to me and also for internship I really appreciate at the bottom of my heart my God bless you .
Daniel Munyu


My internship was held at Gauff located at Westland .On the first day of the internship, we were introduced to Gauff. I learned that it normally deals with engineer careers. On same day i learned how to file documents and file them in a file. I also learned how to keep records and how to scan documents. During the internship we visited Mavoko in Athi-river where they were dealing with construction of a water tank for water supply in Mavoko. I learned how engineers design and construct different structures and the process they was a nice experience for me and it helped me focus, aim higher and work hard towards being Mechanical engineer.
Peter Kimani


My Internship Summary
The internship at Phonecia Hotel, Kiambui was interesting and awesome .First I learnt how to manage my time as a student. I also learnt the importance of having a balanced diet and its side effect. In this process I got a chance of having a mentor who took care of me and taught me the importance of time management. As a man I learnt the importance of tiding up as the saying goes cleanliness is next to godliness. I also learnt to socialize peacefully with everyone and also living with them without knowing them for a long time.
Steven Owino


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