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Ohne EDV-Kenntnisse „läuft“ auch in Kenia nichts! Aus diesem Grund wurde Anfang diesen Jahres im MMH ein Computerkurs ins Leben gerufen. Hier sollen Kinder und Jugendliche erste Erfahrungen im Umgang mit dem Computer lernen. Durch Spenden konnten vier Computerarbeitsplätze fest installiert werden, an denen nun mehrmals die Woche, unter der Leitung von Kinyanjui Moses – unserem Dozenten -, Kurse im Umgang mit Standardsoftware angeboten werden. Hier ein aktueller Bericht:



On 8th February, 2015 the Computer Department at Mothers’ Mercy Home was born. We had two computers by then but we later on received two other computers which have greatly assisted in making the lessons easier to conduct.



We have sixteen (16) children and three (3) ‘mothers’ (members of staff) attending the lessons which are held every weekday between 7pm – 8pm.

We have a timetable where different classes/ages attend the computer lessons on different days as follows;

  • Class Seven (12 & 13 years of age)     – Every Monday & Thursday (3 Students)
  • Class Six And Five (10 &11 years of age)     – Every Tuesday (8 Students)
  • Class Four (9 years of age)                              – Every Wednesday (5 Students)
  • ‘Mothers’ Class (Members of Staff)                 – Every Friday (3 Students)

Class Seven have taken the lead in-terms of syllabus coverage, since they have two lessons per week. Currently they are learning Ms. PowerPoint, having covered Introduction to Computers, Ms Windows, Paint and Ms Word. Other classes (Six & Five, Four and ‘Mothers’ Class) are currently learning Ms Word, having covered Introduction to Computers, Ms Windows and Paint.


  • There has been good attendance and excellent class participation.
  • The performance has been encouraging both in theory and practical exams.
  • All children participated in a drawing project and the drawings were printed on a big sheet of paper (A1 Size) to be mounted on a wall as a ‘welcome note’ to our class. (Drawing below this report)
  • The children are disciplined, curious and eager towards computers and technology thus making my work as a teacher easier and worth looking forward to.
  • It is an added advantage for the children to learn computers at primary school level so that they join Secondary Schools being computer literate. This will save the children time and save Mothers’ Mercy Home a significant amount of Money.
  • We have two boys who are speech-impaired namely; King’ori and Mark. They have shown interest and have been coming to the computer class but it has been challenging for me to teach them as would wish, since we do not have such special software’s to cater for them. Also because I am not very conversant with sign language which they understand.



  1. Children could use their acquired computer skills to help in basic office tasks in the near future e.g. typing, basic designing.
  2. We could source for computer software’s that could assist King’ori and Mark learn computer operations, since they are speech-impaired. Alternatively; we could source for sign language training so as to prevent them from probably feeling somehow excluded since they are not currently among the computer class students.
  3. We could in the near future introduce graphic design packages/course, which would offer our children even better understanding of computers and maybe become careers for some. This would not cost Mothers’ Mercy Home extra money, since am skilled and experienced in the area.
  4. If we could acquire more computers, we would manage to cover the syllabus faster and make the children more comfortable hence boost performance, since we have instances where two students share a computer, especially on Tuesdays when we have eight (8) students using four (4) Computers.


We deeply appreciate your love, endless efforts and support towards ‘booting’ the Computer Department and Mothers’ Mercy Home as a whole.

Yours sincerely,

Kinyanjui MosesComputer Lesson 5n

Computer Tutor

Mothers’ Mercy Home – Kianjogu


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