Summercamp 2013 – Workshop „Creativity using Beads“

From Racheal Kamau

Bead work is a common economic activity here in Kenya and it is a fun way of making money though to make a good income from it talent and creativity is required. We the MMH staff realised that there are a couple of children who are really interested in this activity and this made us arrive at the decision of making it a workshop for this year summer camp.
The workshop kicked off on 19th Sunday afternoon whereby the children got time to explore on the different kinds of materials we were going to use in the workshop. They also got time to give their expectation and targets for the workshop. On 20th and 21st we learnt how to design necklaces, , earing’s and belts out of beads. The children enjoyed and they were all able to make very beautiful products and we actually had already begun to make sales even before the project ended.
On the last day we learnt how to determine prices for our commodities by looking at the costs of the raw materials and also the effort or creativity used in creating the product. The children also learnt how to market the products and how to interact or relate with their clients if they were going to make the project an economic activity. On the final day of the summer camp we had an auction where by a lot of the products were sold while others are now displayed in the MMH souvenir shop. At the end of the auction very good returns had been realized. Most of the children found the workshop interesting and want to continue with the activity. Regards to CHC for providing all the materials needed in this workshop.


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